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We believe that first impressions count for everything. Establishing your initial web presence can be a difficult task. No matter what size company you have, our design team can design a web site for you from scratch. The web site will be clear, easy to use, user friendly and will try to meet your goals.

Creating a strong web presence involves more than eye-catching graphics or 'cool' fonts. While being important, this is not all. A professional web site should set the mood for it's visitors; it creates an atmosphere which is appropriate for them and your market. An effective web site may create an ever-lasting impression on your visitors, while an ineffective site may leave a bad impression. Our designers understand you get only one chance to make a good first impression. By using our expertise, we will build your professional and effective web site in a short period of time.

Is your competitor winning business from you?
Have you noticed that your competitor's web site looks better than yours? No matter what the reason, we can redesign your existing site so that it presents a professional corporate image.

The design of a web site can significantly affect how well it will be listed and ranked by search engines, we provide a detailed site analysis, from concept to launch, providing you with a roadmap to building an attractive web site and to improve the return on investment on your web site.

To ensure professional and consistent results, our design process takes a step-by-step approach. Following are the steps that our designers follow:

Step One - Customer and Market Analysis
Your web site should provide you with a positive return on investment. To create professional and effective web site that appeals to your customers and improves your return on investment, Web Assembly engages in thorough market research. We determine and recommend the contents that should be included in your web site based on the market segment you wish to place your product and/or services in. Professional analysis and proper implementation of our recommended marketing plan, attracts targeted prospective customers to your web site thereby increasing your site's traffic, and improving the conversion of site visitors to customers.

Step Two - Prototype
We then put the contents together and initiate paper work to follow the registration process. Next, a layout, design relevant graphics and an efficient navigational structure are developed. A prototype of your site is created at this stage and made available for viewing through our "Client's Area". The refining process of the site continues until a satisfactory prototype has been developed and approved.

Step Three - Designing
Once the prototype has been approved, our web designers start making it a reality by coding the web pages into different web languages to ensure that they run equally well on most all browsers and by optimizing graphics for web viewing and web pages for quick loading and downloading.

Step Four - Going Live
Upon completion of the finalization and approval process the web site is uploaded for people with Internet connection to have access to it.

Step Five - Marketing
Various methods for marketing are utilized to achieve the desired results. The web site shall be linked to most major search engines and web directories, additionally, other methods to flock visitors to your web site are also entertained and applied.

Step Six - Ongoing Customer Support
We fully appreciate that major attribute to success is "customer satisfaction". Our quality after sales service will represent value to you and your organization.

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